Email Marketing Research and Facebook Decline?

November 15, 2012 - 13:07

Email marketing is key to our success, but as mobile phones usage grows, more and more recipients are reading emails on their phones and tablets rather then their trusty computers. How does this affect opens and click-throughs? This is an important question to answer, because if people are ignoring (or even worse, deleting) emails on their phones, we will need to focus on what will cause a user to read the email we send?

Check out this infogrpahic from to see how people are reading their emails.

An important method for addressing this issue is testing. Subject lines, messages, images, layout all need to be taken into consideration if we expect people to read our message and then click through to learn more or make a purchase. 

Here is a good article explaining some types of testing available.

Lastly, are companies really marketing less on Facebook? What will this mean for our precious brand pages if this trend continues? Click Here to read more.